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How to drink vodka like a russian | RuixinGlass

Vogat has a variety of flavors, such as chili flavor, lemon flavor, blackberry flavor, citrus flavor, red grapefruit flavor, and so on. In fact, I did not drink absolute vodka, but the original work of the company is the production of edible alcohol and white wine, there are exported to Germany vodka production, drink that kind, understand some common sense of vodka. Vodka, unlike other spirits, need to add spices and wine base, so the taste is pure, belonging to the spirits, although it is usually only about 40 degrees.

how to drink vodka like a russian

Vodka is generally located in the cold latitudes of people drink wine, wine can be cold, so lively. If only for the cold and drink, generally do not add other things, drink it. Cold and cold, Wai furnace night, so that the wine directly to you ignite the strong, think it is very interesting.

If you want to drink a little bit of a small tune, there is no point to mention some taste or fruit added fruit, such as lemon, such as grapefruit, such as strawberries, such as carambola.

Drink absolute vodka, not so complicated, and there are so many tastes optional. Can not stand up to the vodka strong, you can drink a drink, drink a small mouth like ice water.

It should be noted that the vodka glasses, the best is the low cup, that is the vodka cup. If this is a problem at home to drink it does not matter, but if you want to hold a banquet, or do not laugh at the generous good.

how to drink vodka like a russian
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