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China suppliers no minimum order really exist ?

China suppliers no minimum order really exist ? Many foreign buyers are looking for not the most quantitative Chinese suppliers, but it really exists, ten years overseas sales experience to tell you why this is impossible.

Multinational procurement Once you have determined the need to purchase the target after a lot of looking for the seller's contact, after you find the seller will need some time to communicate, if the seller's product is suitable for you, you can call the seller to send a few Samples to confirm you, the sample confirmed no problem after the buyer and the buyer to confirm the date of delivery, and general foreign trade procurement is such a process, which many buyers are concerned about the seller set the minimum order of the issue The problem.

china suppliers no minimum order

The minimum order is the seller in order to protect themselves in the transaction to profit and set up, cross-border procurement because of the problem of freight transport will be a lot of trouble, if it is a small batch of the general sale of the seller is not what money, so The seller will set a minimum MOQ.

For example, our company's red wine glasses minimum order is 1000 pcs, why do we want to set and the number rather than more or less from the MOQ, this is calculated after our company's operating costs, less than the number of the starting We have little money to make money if the transport process out of what problems we have to lose money, but the main reason is because the glass products, low profits.

china wine glass suppliers no minimum order

If your product profits are high then you can set the lowest order from the lower, so that more buyers tend to you, but if your product is very low profit from the lowest set of smart settings, how specific Set to be based on the company's operating conditions and industry level to set, generally not the lowest MOQ products are profitable or the product freight needs of the buyer to bear their own, such as our wine cup a cup about 0.9 US dollars, we You can also set a very low MOQ, but the freight you need to pay their own, you buy dozens of cups just express freight costs are hundreds of dollars to do so is very uneconomical

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