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How to Hold a Red Wine Glass

Thinkxing RuixinGlass 2018-10-18 17:01:34
How to Hold a Red Wine Glass

How to Hold a Red Wine Glass
In case you’re curious, here’s how to hold a wine glass with the utmost social etiquette.
With the increase in social activities, a variety of wines have appeared on different occasions, and many people have studied wine. But the wine is right, are you getting the right glass? Today, I gathered a variety of different wine glasses to teach you to take the glasses correctly.

How to Hold a Red Wine Glass?
How to Hold a Glass of Wine Woman

Hold all stemmed wine glasses (red, white, etc) towards the base of the stem between your thumb, forefinger and middle finger. You’ll find that your other fingers will just rest on the base naturally. Don’t worry, it’s totally socially acceptable to swirl your wine.

Seriously This Matters?
Various Ways to Hold a Wine Glass
Proper etiquette has become a secret handshake to high society. Which way is okay?

The truth is you can hold a wine glass any way you like. We figure, as long as you’re actively tasting wine, it really doesn’t matter what you do.

Why Do You Hold a Wine Glass at the Stem?
1.there are a couple of reasons why holding a glass by the stem has become the standard:
  • Social Appearance: No greasy hand prints on the bowl
  • Temperature: Wine stays cooler longer.
2.Ways to Hold a Wine Glass That Pass the Social
Etiquette Test:
  • thumb-and-forefinger
  • hold-glass-at-stem
  • hold-glass-at-base
  • holding-foot-of-glass

What if I Use Stemless Glasses?
You can treat holding and drinking out of stemless glasses just like normal drinking glasses and hold it towards the base.

Today, I gathered a variety of different wine glasses to teach you to take the glasses correctly.

1. How to Hold a Red wine glass:

The wine glass of the red wine has a short cup and a thicker cup. The cup can be gripped with the index finger and the middle finger. When the drink is close to the cup, the temperature of the hand helps the red wine to release its fragrance. Since the drinking temperature of red wine is 12-18°, the method of taking the red wine cup should pay special attention not to touch the cup belly, but the more professional method is to drag the base of the wine cup by hand to avoid waking up too fast.

2. How to Hold a White wine glass:

Compared to the red wine glass, the white wine glass is smaller and not so wide, it is an elongated oval. The cup is slightly larger than the belly and is suitable for slightly sweet, chilled wine. Pour the wine to about two-thirds.

How to hold the wine glass,The Proper Way to Drink Wine.

3. How to Hold a Champagne Cup:

The basic point of taking a wine or a champagne glass is to hold the slender handle at the bottom of the glass and never touch the upper part of the wine glass. Toast, you can hold the bottom of the cup with your thumb, ring finger and little finger. The middle finger holds the cup and the index finger is lightly placed at the joint between the cup and the wine glass.

Straighten your fingers as far as possible to reveal a beautiful curve of your hand. The slender champagne glass helps to enjoy the rich bubbles. If you want to combine the ornamental bubbles with the tasting wine, you can choose the big cup with the bottom of the cup.

4. How to Hold a Cocktail glass:

The bottom of the cup has a slender grip, and the top is about an equilateral triangle or trapezoid. Because most cocktails need to be treated with ice, the cocktail cup is the same as the wine glass, which is the part that holds the cup. The temperature of the hand affects the flavor of the wine.

5.How to Hold a Traditional flute cup:

The flute-shaped cup is small and long, not only looks more delicate, but also helps keep the wine cold. More importantly, the flute cup can make the bubble rise slowly. Therefore, the slender traditional flute cup used to hold beer should hold the thin part under the cup body, which not only keeps the beer cold, but also gives people an elegant feeling.

6. How to Hold a Brandy glass:

Brandy is suitable for warm drinking, so the correct method of holding the cup is to wrap the cup from bottom to top with the palm of your hand. The temperature of the hand will be transmitted to the brandy and the alcohol will be moderately drawn.

The brandy is high in degree. In order to avoid the alcohol being too diffuse, the cup mouth does not need to be opened too much, and it is not suitable for drinking. However, there is rarely such a spirit of brandy in the general reception, so there is no such rigorous way to take wine and champagne glasses.

7. How to Hold a Chinese shot glasses:

Take the Chinese shot glass and do not use the whole hand to surround the cup. You should use your thumb and forefinger to pinch the half of the cup, and the cup is stuck in the tiger's mouth. The rest of the three fingers are naturally relaxed. Don't take it too high, especially when you bring a cup to someone else, the bacteria in your fingers will be contaminated in the mouth of the cup, which is unsanitary.
When drinking with this shot glass, be sure to fill it up and drink it. If you want to toast to others, use your right hand to hold the left hand finger and gently hold it on the bottom of the cup to show respect.

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