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Glass products in the hotel how to maintain

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  • Release on:2016-06-23
Glass products in the hotel how to maintain

Glass is often used in the hotel and catering supplies products, but also what we need in our daily life, it does not contain organic chemicals, smooth surface, easy to clean, well received by consumers of all ages.   

Now consider the glass used in the process of how maintenance should be conducted. 

1, usually do not force impact glass, scratches on the glass surface, preferably covered with cloth. Put aside when something in the glass furniture, you want to gently and avoid collision; 

2, daily cleaning, wipe with a damp towel or newspapers, in case of stains towel dipped in warm vinegar or beer erased, in addition you can also use glass cleaners sold on the market today, jiyong clean acidity strong solution. Winter frosting of glass surface, cloth dipped in brine or spirits can be used to clean, very good; 

3, with patterns of frosted glass that when dirty, moistened with detergent brush, wipe down the pattern circle can be removed. Also, also can in glass Shang drops points kerosene or with chalk gray and gypsum powder dipped water coated in glass Shang dry, again with clean cloth or cotton wipe, such glass both clean and bright; 

4, glass furniture best placed in a more fixed of place, don't free to back and forth mobile; to smooth placed object, heavy object should placed glass furniture bottom, prevent furniture gravity not stability caused overturned.   In addition, to avoid damp, away from stoves, cut off from the chemical reagents such as acids, alkalis, and prevent corrosion deterioration; 

5, use plastic wrap wet cloth and spray the detergent can also often oily glass renewed luster. 

Hotel glass maintenance will not only extend the life of the glass and long glass in bright, allows guests to use tableware with ease of use, plus for the overall image of the hotel.

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