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Glass bubble of the cause agricultural products

In many cases, the glass bubble where it came from, and found inside, what factors do you associated with it? Gas and solution between the glass, or the role of the physical and chemical properties of the solution on the glass bubble generation is the annihilation process, you have some of the interference.
Temperature: magnitude of the temperature of the glass, the glass directly solution deposition of surface tension, as well as to interfere with the strength of the gas dissolved in the solution in the glass. Time: If the time is not disappear enough foam, the final bubble, in order to form a bubble, is left to the glass cover. 
glass cup set
Redox: molten glass, so as to form two large convection, glass manufacture has a lot of longitudinal temperature distribution curve which is formed in the vertical direction, variation in the amount of combustion flame, the fuel melting, distribution, and tissue speed of the size of, will affect the stability of the oxidation-reduction state and other high-temperature and low-temperature factors significantly the hot spot and the temperature of the glass.
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