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Glass bottles are better for storage than plastic bottles of red wine

Thinkxing Ruixinglass 2016-06-27 17:46:28
Glass bottles are better for storage than plastic bottles of red wine

According to the MSNJAPAN report, with the flourishing wine industry, wine dressed up and packing more and more how aesthetically appealing, there is new, will gradually start using plastic bags on the market made a vacuum to use thick paper bag as an outer package of wine products.

glass bottles   
Many people believe that holds wine corks distribution than glass bottles, plastic bags, paper bags and bottles to better storage of wine, however, this package more easily than traditional glass bottles of red wine go bad bad. According to the United States, University of California, published in the agricultural and food chemistry, Journal of food science results showed that plastic used thick paper bag than ordinary plastic thinner oxygen more easily to pass.
Although Cork has good ventilation effect, but the difference is, plastic bag surface area larger, easier to let red wines because of acidification and oxygen contact metamorphism. In the quality of wine, temperature management is an indispensable important factor. Researchers have discovered, no matter how upscale wines under the high temperature conditions is perishable, however, paper bags and bottles of red wine compared to glass bottles of red wine increased temperature more easily.      
That is, when the temperature rises when the glass of red wine are able to withstand 
high temperatures, save more time and less spoilage sour. So what we have to consider when buying wine, imported wines are coming from foreign transport, mismanagement of temperature conditions may exist in this process, wine paper bags may be more likely to go bad, in order to enjoy the delicious red wine taste or buy bottles of wine better.

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