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Crystal wine glasses how to clean

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  • Release on:2016-05-31
glass how to clean

Glass and lead crystal goblets, use warm water, hot water washing to clean. In order to work in the hotels and restaurants, mostly automatic washing machine cleaning the glass.

Using wash Cup when, first glass needed for preliminary to check and clean, main is ensure Cup mouth no gap, and cracks and lipstick printing, again by spray head for preliminary spray wash glass, then will glass to Cup mouth towards Xia Cup end of towards Shang of posture placed Yu Cup frame in, Cup frame of Cup hole put full Hou, do don't stacked glass, so as not to wash Cup machine by spray of strong water over glass caused rupture, and damaged. Glass cleaning is completed, last operation is spray dried essential, so glasses can quickly dry.

Washing machine washing is not applicable to ordinary crystal glass, especially the combination of high temperature, detergent, and dry finish, crystal wine glass has a certain degree of damage. Crystal goblets are usually recommended for General water washing, if cold weather close to body temperature of wash water temperature.   

Cleaning soft goods in the nature of the secondary, such as sponge, cotton cloth, and not to use melons or sharp cleaning products may scratch the glass surface.

After cleaning the crystal wine glass, better let it dry naturally. If using right away, as far as possible with a cotton cloth or cloth to wipe and other material goods such as cloth towel or paper towel, prone to debris or hair, and sometimes may also leave odor in the Cup.

glass how to clean

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