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Crystal wine glasses and glass cup on the material any different?

Thinkxing Ruixinglass 2016-05-25 18:19:38
Crystal wine glasses and  glass cup on the material any different?
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Ordinary glass cup material is thick, in order to ensure strong, the edge of the mouth of the Cup will be strengthened, but it will not taste the wine experience has improved. Glass cup is often lower prices. Because the glass cup is silica, the main ingredient, which is not easy to react with other substances, belonging to the inert material, and the glass cup airtight, so when you use the washing machine to clean and difficult to residual aromatic component corrosion or detergent in the detergent.

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Crystal made of mineral glass cup was added to the glass 2%~30%. This mineral is usually the lead, whose role is to make glass reinforced, made of glass and the lightweight and durable conditions. Because the crystal glass thin and strong, when in touch, the sound is crisp. Excellent performance of leaded crystal glass refract light, look at the wine more translucent clear.
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Appeared on the market a crystal wine glasses does not use lead, but substitute a certain proportion of magnesium and zinc, this glass in addition to the advantages of leaded Crystal glasses, can also use the washing machine to clean.
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