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Common types of cocktail cups

Cocktail is a kind of wine made from base liquor and mixed with many kinds of auxiliary materials. It is very popular. Most of you need ice or ice after the cocktail treatment, so the need to hold the glass goblet. A good cocktail needs a good cocktail glass. It's not enough to know the cocktail, but also to know the type of cocktail cup. Different cocktail glasses are suitable for different cocktails. Choosing a suitable cocktail glass is also a symbol of taste. Now let's get to know the cocktail glasses and the names. Cocktail glass with a slender handle at the bottom and a triangular or trapezoid shape over the top. It's unique style of brewing amorous feelings, let life out Home Furnishing mellow cocktail. It is made of glass material. When it comes to cocktails, ice treatment is usually needed, so you can't touch the cup directly with your hands, so as to avoid the influence of the temperature of the hand on the flavor of the wine. So in all kinds of glasses, the shallow dish Champagne Cup is often used to hold cocktails because of its high feet. Therefore, the saucer Champagne Cup is specially called "cocktail cup".

margarita cocktail glasses

Common types and names: Vintage Glass (Old-FaslfionGlass): the main cup used in drinking distilled spirits on ice, classical cocktails, Nigel Ronnie, etc., will also be used in this cup. Also known as a rock cup or a classical cup

old fasflion glass

Cockktail Glass : also called Martini cup, this cup is the most commonly used cocktail. It's also the most used cocktail for short drinks.

cocktail glass

A highball glass (Highball glass): a highball glass is used for holding Gin&Tonic, Fizz style cocktail cup, the capacity of 8-10 OZ. The form can be divided into legless cup and goblet. Shorter than Corinth cup, wider.

Highball glass

Liqueur glass (Liqueur glass): Swiss cup capacity is only 1 OZ, people drinking liqueur, or some cocktails will be used in the cup, drink tequila and other liquor is also used. In the United States, this kind of cup is made into Cordial again.

Liqueur glass

Colin cup (Collins glass): the Colin cup capacity is 12 OZ, the main Singapore Sling cocktails will use this cup. Another name is Tall Highball glass.

collins glass

Margaret cup (margarita glass): a cocktail cup, Margaret is doing a series of special wine cocktail.

Hurricane glass (Hurricane glass): common tropical cocktail cup, such as Tequila Sunrise will use this glass.

margarita cocktail glasses
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