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A humorous story

1. Fortunately there! "X- Men: Apocalypse" in, still the biggest highlight of Quicksilver film. In particular, in the University of destruction explosion plot, Quicksilver has put a handsome college student rescue all of the 11 staged a talent show "action of the nice man show" bullet time. Warm prominent male physique, with a glass of water in the bottle, put the fish in a girl's hand, and even the dog was eating Do not miss pizza 
wine glass
2. As soon as out of the glass to stretch your legs, your legs are not broken on the floor, and hit the glass. Hey, you are a little sore toes, are stored in the kitchen on the floor tiles in a thrilling confusion, knock, well-being of the well of the cup, glass is also intact, powerful, expansive feeling up. I feel great

It has risen 3.2 pounds glass eating barley

, Like the people 4 when wronged, to my mind, such as precipitation in the bottom of the glass based on honey, sweet, bright, memories that lick, my mind is not so bitter
5. The same is, unlike in the glass and cherry, to change the time, each other miss the occasional time we
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