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do not know when to like a cup of light at night

1 do not know when to like a cup of light at night; affair worth mentioning, habits worth mentioning; a candle a glass, always let people gradually without a mask of defense. Sometimes indulge their own wine is not their own, not intoxicating wine and people from drunk 
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2. Life is really like a glass of wine, people who love life like this organic wine, full of healthy vitality and the original ecology, from the life of the infinite wonderful products, and good at control of life, in a timely manner, Down, enjoy the color of ruby-like wine in the glass mediation, it is the traces of life. Perhaps, sometimes to stop, is to make their next step to go faster 
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3. I found that my recent state of mind is really a bit unusual, a person carrying a Japanese wine to drink a small glass of drinking Gusi Si actually can laugh out loud ... ...
4. In order to better glow with the wine flavor, any wine is not suitable for filling the glass. Usually, red wine into the cup should be 1/3, white wine into the cup should be 1/2; champagne pour into the cup, you should first pour to 1/3, until the bubble in the wine subsided, In the continued pour to seven full can
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