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Wine of the cup for thousands of years

Dating back time to the 15th century, it is cup mug, has a cup bottom of the cup, structure stem, people hundreds of years ago, when it is used to drink this cup, a glass material is very It is a rare, silver as expensive if it is gold. It is first of glass crystal glass is of course, it is not a glass, gold, silver, are made of wood and leather. 
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At a pace of time, appeared in the glass processing industry of ancient Egypt, once there was a lot of glass, the precious metal was gradually replaced the ancient glass.

In the early 17th century, crystal glass, appeared in the United Kingdom, and even more will be many works of art to replace the position of the jewelry. Crystal will be the industrial production of glass Ravensbourne Croft (George Ravenscroft) - After this, 1 is called George. People are spending a crystal glass just now.
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The origin of the hand-blown glass products technology from 2000 years ago, Rome the first place, when you use this technology. More, clearly bright and sophisticated than ordinary glass, modern crystal glass of the work of transparent textures, visual smell on to enjoy the taste, it is possible to reach the top, use it to drink wine you. 

Johann Christoph Riedel Riedel1756_nen创立Ogo华Harihinpai
1678 born founder Johann Christoph Riedel of Riedel glass product of the first generation of the luxury brand,. As long as Spanish, through the whole of Europe to reach, such as Portuguese, his business footprint. Trading revenues were benefited from the dangerous journey and demanding a long bone.
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