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Why pour boiling water in the winter thick glass easy to burst

  • Author:Biao
  • Release on:2016-09-12
Typically, the summer by the glass of water is not much problem; when can the winter, with a glass tea sub, sub-glass thermal expansion and contraction, and sometimes you hear "bang", sub-bottom glasses come off, glass cup had burst. In real life, really thick glass thinner than glass easy fried, this is because the thick glass and thick glass thermal slowly pour hot water in the cup when the inner wall has thermal expansion, but also the outer wall at a lower temperature expansion is small.

Thus, the inner wall of the cup on the outer wall of a pressure, if the quality is not good is easy to broken glass. The thin-walled cup can be reached in time to heat the outer wall, so that a uniform thermal expansion of the glass, not brittle. Wang warned that we can put in a glass inside a metal spoon, then pour boiling water down the spoon inside, the glass will not explode, because the principle of heat transfer heat transfer can advance to the glass.
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