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Why is there a discount bulk wine glass

In the eyes of many people do not know the red wine glass is also divided into several grades, different grades of red wine glass has a different quality, because the production process will inevitably appear some quality control bad situation, so some red wine cup production Come out with some flaws, such as small bubbles and the like, and these defective wine glasses do not affect the normal use of our glass industry, we call the second grade wine glass, the price is relatively cheap, Grade wine glass is the normal production of red wine in the quality of the most perfect, but the price is higher than the second grade wine glass, a normal level of wine prices about 1.2 dollars, while the second Grade wine glasses price is about 0.5 dollars, this is the majority of buyers do not know the situation, some wine glasses buyers blindly the most low price but get the second grade wine is the reason for this, The purchaser in the procurement of the time must be clear that these red wine is a grade or second product.

discount bulk wine glasses

discount bulk wine glasses
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