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Wholesale Supplier Reed Diffuser Bottles - Ruixin Glass

wholesale reed diffuser bottle

Reed diffuse principle is the use of water absorption, oil absorption, volatile better plants or objects, through the rattan or through flowers, cotton rope, etc., the oil will be sucked into the rattan or flower head, and then distributed to the air, keep the room Fresh air

wholesale reed diffuser bottle

The Reed diffuse offers a good alternative to the family spice candles that are not practical. Use 100ml up to 6 weeks of diffuser, these offers value for money, scent: hall, bathroom and children's room, without an open fire worry.

wholesale reed diffuser bottle

Shenzhen Ruixin glassware factory is very professional,and have been in this field over 15 years. specialized in the product glassware,glass candle holder,glass perfume bottle,etc.

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