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What's the price of the whisky glass in China

What's the price of the whisky glass in China,The price of the whisky cup varies according to its production process,Generally speaking, blowing a glass by hand is more expensive than pressing the glass by the machine.

For example, following the Whiskey Cup, because it is the machine produced in large quantities, so its price is very cheap, as long as 0.5 dollars, but it requires a large amount of production can be so cheap, machine blowing glass as long as it can quickly mold production,

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Machine blowing whisky glass
Machine blowing whisky glass

Of course, the price of Whiskey Cup and other related aspects such as transportation, delivery time, whether after processing, such as your delivery time is very time we need to arrange personnel to work overtime production will incur additional costs, and if customers need postprocessing decals, etching, spray color, gilt the process will be more expensive on some price,

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