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What kind of material is good for the spice jars

     The perfume bottle used materials are glass, plastic, and ceramic pot, spice three materials have their own advantages, but at present the most widely used glass spice jars, to wear the latter glass prices low by many buyers welcome,

glass spice jars wholesale
glass spice jars

    condiments: widely used in food, cooking and food processing, and has used to reconcile the taste and smell fishy, deodorizing, greasy, flavor, etc. increase fresh products.

glass spice jars wholesale
glass spice jars

     seasoning high density coverage, category diversity, the difference of demand and path complexity in FMCG is one opponent. Form a pocket, market wide, stable income, high involvement, complex, full - channel category gathering all this attribute, the industry presents a easy, difficult, long hills lined, lacking spirit of cooperation situation.