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What brand of red wine glass is good

First of all, to solve this problem, it is necessary to make sure that different wines need different wine glass to drink, so that the flavor can be highlighted most. Which brand of red wine cup is good after determining the cup shape? It is like a good horse fitted with a saddle. Let's start with a general idea of the impact of the wine type on the wine tasting.

short stem wine glasses
                             short stem wine glasses

In the Bordeaux cup and Burgundy cup for example: Burgundy cup body and more shallow belly, nearly globose, pear shaped and Bordeaux cup is relatively deep.
Burgundy glass spherical cup body can make the wine into the middle of your tongue to the four diaspora, the fruit, sour fusion; inward narrowing of the cup can better gather esoteric wine, so it is more suitable for the taste of Burgundy region rich, high tannin, high acidity, abundant Wine (Pinot Noir).

The Bordeaux cup is mostly tulip goblet shape. The market is also more common. Bordeaux wine fruity acidity is strong, Bordeaux long cup cup body and the cup wall, the radian of can appropriate control wine in the mouth wide diffusion, the cup can make the drinker feel better Bordeaux wine aroma gradient. Suitable for tasting wines from Bordeaux (e.g. Cabernet Sauvignon, Miller).

When the cup is finished. Let's look at the brand again. On the question of which brand is good for red wine, the more common brands of red wine on the market are generally made in europe. The European red wine glass has been tested for a long time, from workmanship, materials, technology, and history.
At present, the first-line brands are:

short stem wine glasses
wine tasting glasses

Austria RIEDEL: top brand of wine glass from Austria. It began in the 1756, and has a history of more than 300 years. Each year, RIEDEL produces more than 1 million artificial blown crystal cups and more than 3 million machine blown crystal cups. All products sell well all over the world. It is said that there are RIEDEL glasses in places where wine is drunk.

Germany SPIEGELAU: globally recognized as the world's top three wine brand. Founded in 1521, is Germany's oldest crystal cup and decanter manufacturers. The first manufacturer to have LGA certification. The crystal cup of "poem cup guest" is made by platinum patented technology. Under laboratory conditions, it has been washed and cleaned 1500 times by professional dishwasher. It is still bright and clean and has no scratches. It is known as "the Benz in the wine cup.

Germany SCHOTT-ZWIESEL:, Germany, Schott is a company to make crystal glass ware famous company, there is a mechanism based Schott Zwiesel; and to hand blowing based Zwiesel, 1872, two brands. The most significant feature of the product is the cup wall thin, smooth, texture and clarity of durable, it is said that even the manual cup can also be. Its patented brand Tritan crystal glass, the formula contains a unique titanium oxide composition, so that the glass itself is particularly tough.
The second tier brands are: Libby, French bow, Turkey Pasha brands such as Thailand ocean.

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