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Types of household glassware

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Types of household glassware:

Types of household glassware
Classification by use:

All kinds of wine goblet, wine, beer cup;Water glass stoppered bottle neck, with a handle,
bag pitcher, ice bucket / bucket, beverage cup etc.;
Dishes, dishes, plates, dishes, utensils, etc.;
Can be used for cooking fire, electric heating and microwave heating, such as frying,
steaming (cooking pot), baking, baking dish, electromagnetic oven panel, coffee pot,
coffee cup and so on.

According to the composition classification:
Soda lime glass;
Crystal glass, can be divided into low lead (PbO<15%), Pb (Pb024% ~ 26%) and
Pb (Pb0 = 30%);

Glass ceramics;
Heat resistant glass;
Colored glass.
According to the classification of the manufacturing process: blowing; pressing;
pressure blow; centrifugal casting.

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Types of household glassware
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