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The origin of the wheat beer mug

Wheat Beer Glass is used to hold wheat beer, which originated in Germany, the bottom is very narrow, slightly wider at the top, both to release the aroma of beer and wheat beer can produce fluffy foam space, it is usually more than the goods off the cup To be high, can hold 500 ml of beer with foam, in Belgium and other countries, there are 250 ml and 330 ml of wheat beer cup. In addition, if the way the beer is not right, the wheat beer will often produce too much foam in the pub, if the beer to the customer themselves down, usually keep the beer cup moist, or leave a small amount of water at the bottom for wet The whole glass, so, when pouring wine will not produce too much.

German Beer Cup

Traditional German Beer Glass

Traditional beers, with stone (rare potatoes), tin, porcelain, silver, glass or wood, their tops are usually open, or with a tin cover that can be opened with a thumb. Traditional beers are mostly half a liter or a liter of capacity, decorated with nostalgic themes, usually in Germany or Bavaria's ancient allusions. Some people think that the lid originated in the black epidemic period, in order to prevent the fly fell into the beer.

beer glass with metal lids
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