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"The most expensive washing cup fee" is reasonable? Bring your own red wine is receive

Nanjing Xinjiekou a restaurant for the guests bring their own drinks cup each received 20 yuan; the association said "too much"

Nanjing citizens Mr. Ma in Xinjiekou Jinling Hotel a negative layer of the restaurant meal, because with a bottle of red wine in the restaurant for 50 pieces of beverage service charge, charge the glass cleaning fee 20 yuan a, which Mr Ma cannot understand, it is said to comply with fire restaurant law. Then, the consumer law in this regard? Should the fee be collected?
Surprised consumer

Bring in red wine for 20 pieces and one for the cup
Mr. Ma online readme, January 4th this evening, with friends at the Nanjing Jinling Hotel on the first floor of a law restaurant for dinner. That night, friends birthday, will receive a birthday gift in a bottle of red wine out, ready to drink in the restaurant. After the waiter said to the other, corkage charge 50 yuan, Mr. Ma no objection. But when the waiter brought three glasses, he added that every cup had an extra charge of 20 yuan for cleaning. Without a glass of alcohol, Mr. Ma only agrees. Ma uploaded the bill shows that the total consumption of 1264 yuan that night, of which 1 yuan wine service 50 yuan, handmade crystal red wine glass 3 cups, 60 yuan.

wine glass

Mr. Ma complained to the price bureau of Gulou District in Nanjing on the second day. The answer was: "if the waiter has told you that you charge 20 yuan for each cup, then you can collect it."!"
Mr. Ma said that he often access various food and beverage establishments, restaurants received 50 yuan bottle opening fee, no objection, but for the cup cleaning fee, he and many friends are unheard of, moreover, still press 20 yuan / count.
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