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Small pieces

1. This is a pipe shaped like a glass pipe, sebastian bergne Milan pigr companies and designed by London-based designer. This challenges the traditional glass drinking cup classic form, captures the history of mankind's most primitive habit of drinking water.

2. Force prehistoric body was about to buy a glass of irrepressible

3. They beat eggs in a cup and then hatched chicks, started the following experiments: a glass and filled it with water to ensure humidity, and then stretched plastic wrap attached to the cup. So intuitive to see the chick hatching process, a little shocked ......

4. glass and red wine in the evening, in the rest of his life long love and companionship. "

5. When a glass filled with milk, people will say, "This is the milk"; only when the cup empty, people see the glass, said, "This is a cup." Similarly, when our hearts filled with stereotypes, wealth, power, when it is not myself; people are often keen to have a lot, but it is often difficult to truly own.
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