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Shall we need to decanting Whiskey?

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  • Release on:2018-02-05
Shall we need to Decanting Whiskey?

Shall we need to decanting Whiskey?
We all know we need to decanting wine before drink it.For whiskey, shall we decant it as well before having it?

The answer is yes! The main 2 kinds whiskey we need to decanter is Single Barrel Whiskey and Ordinary whiskey.For different kinds whiskey, we need to decanting it in different ways and a different time.

Such as Single Barrel Whiskey Glenlivet of the year 2017, it has a very strong taste, and the best time to drink it is when we decanting it in glass decanter with at least 24 hours.
It's a big study and takes time for us to learn the correct decanting ways for different whiskey.

Shall we need to decanting Whiskey?

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