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Selection of the great learning of glass products

2016-09-20 11:36:17

Along with the change of the consumer of food and cooking methods, the use of glass products of the consumer, the number of cookware is growing rapidly. After that there was some problem, there is a purchase misuse glass burst accidentally injured the event.
Many kinds of glass products 

Tulip wine glass
, Transparent easy to clean, such as a glass product with a sturdy and excellent corrosion resistance, has been used more and more household products, food containers, as the majority of consumers. , More widely, contacted by advances in glass manufacturing technology and process the type and range of glass products of the current family life, consumers in many cases, tempered glass and Pyrex three, glass products, mainly ordinary glass To do.
Most of the consumer, it usually of glass, high-temperature heating of the environment (oven, microwave), but I know you can not be used for the use of, a lot of consumers, understand the difference between the glass and heat-resistant glass and not, as well as glass containers used as application of the incorrectly cooking, the results of the glass container after the incident injuries burst. Tempered glass, the processing of the steel is generally made of soda-lime glass, to improve the mechanical shock performance improvement product, its thermal shock resistance has been improved is limited.
Pyrex borosilicate glass, mainly, to a different chemical composition, including a glass ceramic and other species, because belonging to the series, the structure is different from the regular glass or tempered glass. Small thermal expansion coefficient of the borosilicate glass, excellent heat resistance, has a thermal shock temperature change characteristics suitable for use in food processing kitchen containers, it can be placed directly into the use of the microwave oven. Kitchen products, heat-resistant glass dish, heat, clear filled with cookware, it can be divided into flame open, there is a dark fire two purposes.
The choice of how to heat-resistant glass 
Tulip wine glass
Now, that some of the operators in the market about the Pyrex label products, consumers like to be able to buy easily misuse misuse, normal glass, and even more to confuse the concept of normal magnifying glass function intended, it is not clear.
Use range, indicating the temperature, it must be affixed to the proper labeling of heat-resistant glass product, consumer purchases, pay attention to the use of the above information. Currently, heat-resistant glass, the majority of boron silicate glass, while glass ceramic heating in the best performance. Annealing and cooling heat-resistant glass product obtained after, good thermal stability, high temperature resistant CML difficulties and high production are expensive to manufacture. If a consumer has purchased, nominal price is very low, heat-resistant glass products, consider its credibility.
Glass cookware (cutlery) production companies, product material to explicitly, there is a duty of care on the environment and safety. Production enterprises corresponding oven it is necessary, microwave ovens and other consumer electronics products, the selection of the requirements at the time, are shown in the instructions for a particular function of use in connection with the support for heating the container, such as the scope. Catering company, should be provided to meet the safety requirements for the glass product of consumers.
In order to know more about what is - glass blew a reason 
Tulip wine glass
Manufacturing process, in many cases, tempered glass, nickel sulfide component that will cause that does not match the change in the ambient temperature, for example, the glass to become mixed with the naked eye can not find a nickel sulfide, easily, blowing now was that is, the large-scale expansion to break the glass of the balance of a lot of internal stress between the glass, the glass causes blowing flyer phenomenon, there is a possibility that a crack may occur.
When mechanical impact resistance to the strong resistance of flat glass class, cooking utensils (cutlery) and other tools, the complex shape, the external heating due to non-uniform stress and other reasons, blew it high , security is poor, has molded the steel processing. It is, but reduce the rate of blowing raise the glass processing "homogeneous" process, but now it is possible to "homogeneous", mainly glass processing industry, for example, automotive glass, architectural windows, doors, furniture Ya it is used for other auxiliary.
Some countries, the United States, Japan, in Europe, also began glassware tableware early main kitchen. Not only are a lot of problems, earlier. For this reason, in some countries, the production of glass products, is introduced into the classification, important performance parameters and heat-resistant glass to clear the use of provisions to define the what.