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Red wine tastes good, hard to wash!

1. Red wine tastes good, hard to wash! Habit of drinking red wine friends, how to perfect clean red wine glass is very distressed. Common hand wash glass, easy to residual water marks, so that the glass does not look clean. Dishwasher cleaning glass and other glassware, with the use of dish dishwasher-specific rinse agent to speed up the surface of the water glass drying speed, so that more bright dishes. 

short wine glasses

2. Good wine need a good glass, which is the most basic requirements of people understand wine, but also in different occasions, and different people drink, the choice of glass also has an impact.

3. The lonely carved on the glass, drink into the bladder, the urine out, let the lonely scatter a place!

short wine glasses

4. the right to hold the wine cup】 In the formal occasions such as banquet master the right way to hold the cup is not only respect for others, but also for their respect. The correct holding posture should be with the thumb, index finger and middle finger to clamp the goblet cup. At the banquet, if you want to move around, or hold a glass to talk with others, please remove all the fingers from the cup, directly with the thumb and index finger grip cup, you learn?

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