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Price of custom pub glasses made by China manufacturers

Custom pub glasses is a lot of customers need, after all, each vendor has its own needs in order to promote or for marketing needs a personalized beer cup, if the market just have a similar beer cup, if it Buy down the price will be much cheaper,

bulk beer glass

But most of the need to custom pub glasses are not on the market, the modeling process is rarely similar, and customize the price of a beer cup and the number of manufacturing process needs a lot of relationship, if you need the number Very few manufacturers can not use the machine can only be produced by blowing the price so much higher,

bulk beer glass

If you need the number of tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of beer cups, manufacturers can use the bulk production of the final production of the price may only need 0.3 to 0.5 dollars each, and that is the process of this is also the impact The price of a factor, machine or artificially produced beer cup is just a cup without any post processing, if you need decals or painted, electroplating, engraving will increase the cost, but you have to buy the beer cup if the factory has a similar Products you go to buy the words will be much cheaper, because these products do not have to open the mold.
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