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How to use wine decanters?

First, first remove the bottleneck of the bottle seal. Do not just remove the bottle at the bottle, and to remove the entire bottle seal. After doing this, You can put the bottle of wine into the decanter.

red wine decanter with handle

Second, keep pouring slowly. Vintage wines are sober to remove the wine in the precipitation, if too fast, it is likely to see the precipitation.

Third, carefully observe the precipitation. With candle light or other light source, pay attention to observe the bottle at the bottle of the situation, to ensure that the bottle of sediment in the bottle to stay in the bottle, the operation is very interesting.

red wine decanter with handle

Fourth, pay attention to stop pouring wine. When you see the bottle at the place of the wine in the precipitation to stop pouring wine, the bottle placed upright until the sediment settling to the bottom of the bottle. When the sediment is completely stable at the bottom of the bottle, start pouring.

red wine decanter with handle

Older wines have gathered a lot of sediment over time, and the precipitation in the wine sometimes makes people mistaken that the wine has been broken or has a bad taste experience, so you need to sober up the wine to remove the precipitate , To ensure that the cup of wine without flaws.

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