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How to make your own shot glass

2017-11-04 09:45:50
Make your shot glasses first to use some tools, were you satisfied with the first pick in the cup, then buy your favorite wallpaper in the glass surface can be, although seemingly simple but in the process of making the logo affixed to the glass is not a simple thing, to everybody below that factory is how to make personalized strong glasses.

shot glasses custom

The first factory after receiving customer orders, according to customer needs other spirits cup making corresponding mold after the mold production out of the mold is in debugging, debugging to an optimal state, and then get the batch production, glass material on the temperature inside the furnace melting blow out the corresponding runner mould the other is the cup, after a series of operations such as polishing and annealing, the other part of a cup is produced, this produced glass is relatively cheap.

After the glass produced according to customer requirements of some glass processing, such as customer needs outside the blue cup with logo, we need to transfer to the glass color spray workshop, the cup is sprayed into the customer needs color, but in addition to spray color electroplating is also possible, after the customer is the production of logo, and then the customer's logo printed on the cup, to go through the middle of the baking process several road,