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How to determine whether a clean glass beer mug washed

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  • Release on:2016-07-12
How to determine whether a clean glass beer mug washed

According to introduction glassware, beer glasses child cleaning methods will directly affect the taste of beer, the key lies in the foam. It brings people refreshing feeling is obvious, but more important role is to cover the same protection as carbon dioxide dissolved in the beer will not escape out. At the same bitterness and minerals are also foam as the carrier.

Experience delicious taste and should be maintained as long as possible froth, and to do this we must first ensure that there is not oil on the inner wall of the glass, run out can not be placed together with other dishes washing with neutral detergent and the sponge grease and lipstick thoroughly. 

glass beer mug

Then rinse several times repeatedly punching beer glass, then dry naturally, do not use dry cloth, even if the hot water washed cloth, on which the fibers have grease residues. Water droplets stay on top only allowed to dry naturally.

You can determine when you pour the glass is clean and washed, hung bubbles seem very cool, in fact, gather into large bubbles will soon disappear, if washed very clean, hung tiny bubble is not easy to disappear later emptied around the inner wall of the foam will leave prints.

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