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How to customize shot glasses

2017-08-23 10:01:59
customize shot glasses is welcomed by buyers, many people want to have a cup of your spirits, unique personality, out of the ordinary, this is the most popular among buyers of the characteristics of a unique cup is very popular in the market, good luck to your own custom of the cup at once will sell a lot of moreover, each type of customers love are not the same, so in order to meet the needs of customers customized different spirits cup is the best way, according to the strong wine use scene is not the same as the other spirits cup will try to request the wedding, spirits cup and ordinary household spirits cup will be great the difference, for the wedding many spirits cup are festive, buyers hope that the liquor cup unique festival, and there is little on the market that we can only take the cup set To solve the system scheme, custom liquor cup, you have to make sure your mind to want what other cups, what color the cup to how much, there is to determine whether to carry out some processing service glass surface, such as sandblasting, decals, printed logo class, after defining your needs your demand is submitted to the manufacturer, they will according to your request to make a cup to give you the same.

customize shot glasses