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How to choose the best wine glasses?

Thinkxing RuixinGlass 2018-08-23 18:12:38

How to choose the best wine glasses?

When you choose a red wine glass, have you ever thought about what kind of red wine glass is good? Are there any other details to consider? This of course has!

It is estimated that people who have learned about red wine glasses know that there are many types of red wine glasses. Different red wines need different red wine glasses. Different wine glasses have different quality and style.

So, what kind of red wine glass is the best? What aspects do you need to judge?

The main points are as follows:

  • Best Wine GlassesSize
[First: the size of the red wine glass can meet the needs!]

First of all, when choosing a red wine glass, confirm the size of the red wine cup you have chosen to meet your needs.

Secondly, the red wine cup you choose should be able to hold a sufficient amount of red wine.The red wine glass should have enough space to allow you to spill the wine out of the glass while gently shaking the red wine glass.

This action is also crucial for wine tasting because this action of shaking the liquor releases the scent contained in the wine.
Many wine glasses are too small, so in order to ensure a sufficient amount of drinking, the wine even needs to be loaded to the cup edge of the wine glass, so this situation is seriously unable to meet the demand for wine tasting.

  • Best Wine GlassesTranslucent
[Second: the red wine glass must be smooth and translucent]

When choosing a wine glass, the first thing to notice is the material used to make the wine glass. At least the need to ensure that the glass must be smooth and translucent.
When tasting, the color of the red wine is also part of the enjoyment process.
The color of the wine reflects the quality of the wine, such as the type of grape selected for the wine, the vintage of the wine and other similar information.
Correspondingly, the effect of red wine glasses made with other colored or frosted glass is greatly reduced, while the use of metal materials such as tin and silver wine glasses is even worse.

The cutting process of making red wine glass has a negative impact on the performance of red wine.
The feeling of wine tasting, the size and shape of the cups are also closely related (usually the red wine glass is too small). If the shape and size of the cup are not suitable, then it is extremely inappropriate to use it for wine.


  • Red Wine Glasses Stems
[Third: must have cups and stems]

The red wine glass must have a cup stem. The existence of the cup stem is not only for the needs of art, but it is mainly used to ensure that the finger does not touch the belly of the cup, thus ensuring that the fingerprint is not left on the wine glass.

The presence of the stem also ensures that the palm does not touch the cup and the temperature of the wine rises, which is especially important for red wines that need to be served under cooling conditions.
Although in actual use, I did not find this problem has a real impact on me. If you look closely at the tasting process of a famous sommelier.
You will find that his hands rarely touch the belly of the cup during the whole process, and even if it is touched, it will quickly move to hold the stem or the cup holder.

  • Red Wine Glasses Shape

[Fourth: the shape of the red wine cup is worthy of attention]

When choosing a red wine glass:

1. A red wine glass made of translucent glass material,
2. A red wine glass with a cup and a proper volume.

There any other important details to consider when choosing a red wine glass? Of course, the shape of the red wine glass is very important.
Therefore, a good red wine glass is mainly tapered, and the cup mouth is often narrower than the lower part of the cup.
A good shape allows you to enjoy an artistic beauty while drinking.Shake the wine and release the precious aroma contained in the wine.The tapered design allows the scent to be more concentrated at the mouth of the cup, making the scent more intense.

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