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How to choose good wine glasses

As ordinary lovers, the last need to understand, that is, the material and texture of the glass. Very simple, light, translucent, clean, in line with the standard shape of the glass, is a good glass. The use of cups thinner, the appearance of better brightness of the crystal glass, than the use of thick, rough glass glasses, in the psychological and physical feel the pleasure, will be more. As some people say that the brand of wine with a more percussive sound, the wall structure is more conducive to speed up the sobering, cup design closer to the United States and the ultimate concern, and even "Riedel drink better drink like", sounds a bit Suspended.

crystal stemware

Compared to specialization, it should be considered what kind of cups can be adapted to as many different types of wines as possible. You need to consider the following: 1. Enough: in the wine glass into a small half-cup of wine, almost filled with glass belly (a glass of wine the widest position) when the most convenient tasting, so you have enough space to shake the glass , So that the wine and air full contact. In order to ensure that a small cup of wine is still enough to make you feel comfortable when drinking, the cup is best not too small, the best choice of the total capacity of 600ml up and down the cup, so that you almost every 150-180ml of wine. 2. cup microblogging: to ensure the concentration of aroma. 3. cup wall can not be too thick: not only transparent cup looks more beautiful, thin cup wall also makes the entrance more comfortable, say cup too heavy to pick up is not convenient. 4. High enough cup feet: to facilitate you to shake the glass, while avoiding the hands hit the cup and affect the wine temperature. 5. Do not be too expensive: as a daily consumption of the glass, to buy too expensive may but will make people trembling, after all, most of the glass is still quite fragile, it is best in the spirit of the broken do not feel bad to buy. 6. Best FCL purchase: consider the number of friends who usually drink together, it is best to buy a cup with a sufficient number of the amount of a. So, taking into account the above conditions, if only to buy a glass, then we recommend this is very common, but quite able to install the Bordeaux Cup. If you like Pinot Noir such fine fine wine, but did not prepare those goldfish tank like the wine glass, then let the wine in the cup waiting for a period of time (not shaking) can achieve good results. If used to drink white wine, remember a little down a little, so that you can drink before the high temperature.

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