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How to choose a red wine glass?

  • Author:Thinkxing
  • Source:RuixinGlass
  • Release on:2018-10-08
How to choose a red wine glass?

To choose the right wine glass, we first need to know the classification of red wine glasses. The design of different wine glasses is not the same, but the purpose is to make the wine taste to the extreme.

The Boss Wine Glass is the most classic red wine glass. The length of the cup is moderate, the bottom of the cup is wide, the cup is large, and it is slowly tightened upwards, which can release more flavor and weaken the tannins of tannins.

The Shiraz wine glass is smaller than the average red wine glass, and the cup mouth shrinks inward, allowing the fruit's fruit fragrance to emanate to gather in the mouth of the cup.

The Jin Fang Del wine glass is long and wide, allowing minerals and tannins to exude more fruit and softness.The Pinot Noir wine glass has a larger cup and a large contact area with oxygen, which helps to release complex aromas.

For beginners, the Boss Wine Cup is still the most commonly used wine glass, and the choice of different red wine glasses will also give the red wine a different flavor.

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