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How to buy a glass cup? What brand of glass cup is good?

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How to buy a glass cup? What brand of glass cup is good?

How to buy a glass cup? What brand of glass cup is good?

Drinking water can supplement the body of water loss, the same, how to buy glass for us this aspect is also very important, and now the glass brand many, different shapes, you want to choose a healthy glass and did not imagine so easy!

How to buy glass? What brand of glass is good? Let Credit Suisse glass manufacturers RuixinGlass and we popularize this knowledge.

Glass by function can be divided into glass, glass, cup, according to the different types of high-boron heat-resistant glass, crystal glass and double glass. As the performance and quality of these cups currently on the market are not the same, their quality directly affects our health. 

How to buy a glass cup? What brand of glass cup is good?

[Ordinary glass]

Ordinary glass materials are mostly fired from high temperature silicon, high boron heat-resistant glass, with excellent heat resistance, corrosion resistance; as a green glass material, cup crystal clear, feel condensate, elegant, Is a good partner for tea and healthy drinking.

1, the material to be pure:

Impure glass material, glassware will have a pattern, a bubble or sand.

"Pattern" refers to the streaks on the surface of the vitreous. Thick hand touch can feel fine lines to the light can see.

"Bubble" refers to the small cavity formed by the air wrapped in the vitreous body. According to the formation reason, it can be divided into two types: material bubble and operating bubble. Material bubble living in the glass deeper body, from the outside looks like a small circle. The operation of the bubble more exposed, and some such as the fish eye bulge, a stamp will pierce the hole gently; some like small scars on the fruit is also very easy to layers of peeling.

"Sand" refers to white granular silica sand that is not dissolved in the vitreous body and also refers to other granular impurities. It is harder to find when sand is embedded in thicker bases or covered under brushed colors. Due to the different composition of sand and glass, different expansion coefficient, so a slight collision with the vitreous detachment, causing the glass cracking; sometimes though no collision, but because of temperature changes, the sand will be detached from the vitreous, causing the glass automatically burst. 

2, the thickness should be consistent:

Namely, the distribution of glass materials in all parts of the cup should be well-proportioned. Selection, the drink on the light observation, if light everywhere consistent, seamless, then the thickness of the same; if the difference between light and shade is too large, then the thickness is inconsistent. When selected, from the outside look at the bottom should be level, but not the slope or pan-like; flick the wall with your fingers, should make a sweet sound.

3, appearance to be beautiful:

That is, the surface should be smooth; cup gloss is better; geometric shape is flat; lid can not be too loose or too tight, teapot, teacup shape to be coordinated.
How to buy a glass cup? What brand of glass cup is good?
[Double Glass]

Double glass clear, not easy to iron, easy to clean, no tea stains, abrasion resistance. Set environmental protection, practical in one of the high-quality products.

Double glass, the biggest advantage is thermal insulation. The middle of the two layers is a vacuum compartment, to protect the cup water temperature, and insulation is not hot.

How to buy a glass cup? What brand of glass cup is good?

[Crystal glass]

Crystal Cup for more use of glass, in the identification of such cups of quality, you can start from the following points:

1, the sound: gently tap or finger hit the utensils, crystal glass can emit a crisp metal sound, and in the wear out of the waves of the beautiful sound.

2, feel: Gently hold a crystal goblet, you will feel a calm, heavy hand. 3, luster: lifted a crystal cup, facing the light rotation, you will find it is like a beautiful handicraft, white, transparent, reflecting the charming colorful light.

4, hardness: high hardness of the crystal, after the scientific experiment to determine their relative hardness, resulting in crystal hardness Mohs 7. 5, color: crystal stability, long-term use will not change color.

6, physical properties: Crystal can mark the glass, otherwise can not. 

How to buy a glass cup? What brand of glass cup is good?

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