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How should wine glasses be kept?

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  • Release on:2018-05-19
How should wine glasses be kept?

Caring for your wine glasses.

The way in which you wash and care for wine glasses has a direct effect on the taste of wine. Crystal glasses are more porous than normal glassware. The tastes and odors from storage boxes and soap are easily absorbed by crystal.

Store glassware upright on a well ventilated shelf or hang them from a specialty glass rack.. If washing glasses by hand, use the hottest water possible and very little detergent. There are sponges available that are specifically designed for cleaning the inside of wine glasses.

How should wine glasses be kept?

If you use a dishwasher do not use detergent. Wash the glasses with hot water only. Depending on the type of glass, a dishwasher can easily break the stem during the wash cycle.

Dry wine glasses immediately with a lint free cloth to remove any water spots.
Prior to serving, rinse out the glasses with distilled water or with the wine you are about to serve.

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