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How To Find Quality Manufacturers Suppliers in China

2017-10-14 17:21:38
Many foreign buyers want to find a great partner in China, but because of unfamiliar with China's situation led to the delay can not find or find a non-fly partner, in China want to find a Kaopu cooperation Partners need to go through a wide range of study Caixing, the following methods may help to you.

how to find high quality suppliers in China

1.First of all you can go to Alibaba above to find you want to cooperate with their suppliers, here need to pay attention to Alibaba above a part of the seller is a foreign trade exporters, they do not own the factory is not a manufacturer, see the seller when you can see They shop some of the transaction data and the company, if there is a video presentation will be more reliable.

2.After their company name in the Alibaba above search, Google can search inside look at their company introduction find their website, some companies will have their own face book and led the British account, we can communicate with people in charge of these accounts and, if Google can not find their company name so it is a very dangerous thing.

3.Do export in China suppliers have a English name and a Chinese name, we can also search their company name in Baidu Chinese, so we can know more about the company, if you cannot read Chinese, never mind we can use Google translate to translate into Chinese English.

4.But we can also participate in the show to find some reliable suppliers in Chinese every year held many exhibitions, if you decide to working with each other, or as a further understanding of the supplier, we can ask them when the exhibition held, so we can see them face-to-face to the exhibition to communicate with them, they can also access the company to inspect their factory.

5.Finally, a tool we can use China in query these companies, of course it will need you some Chinese, if you can not use Google translate to help you, "天眼查" and "启信宝" of the two sites is both a tool supplier management status China query territory, after we register and visit the web site input supplier name, you can see some of the information providers, this information is really a reliable supplier registration and related departments in the state of information, each year will be on the China supplier audit.

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