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High leaded glass are very dangerous

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  • Release on:2016-05-26
High leaded glass are very dangerous
high leaded glass are very dangerous

According to authority figures, high glass containing lead harm is enormous.

If long-term using, on vascular of central nervous system and cortex will produced against, dang blood lead concentration reached 30 µg/rose Shi, on will appeared body weak, and dizziness, and headache, and memory declined, reaction, serious Shi also will produced arteriosclerosis, and digest road ulcer and fundus bleeding, symptoms, dang temporary intake lead and compounds Shi, excess of lead even will deposition in bones in the, to buried Xia fracture of hidden.

Therefore, choosing the right high quality lead free crystal glass is necessary,red wine tasting in order to enjoy life, if they were hurt, it is not worth it.

Keep your family from lead poisoning
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