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Healthy choice for drinking glasses

With the knowledge of health promotion, it has become a cup of life concern a class of consumer goods.
When each morning, drink a cup of warm water, can health. Before going to bed, drink a glass of milk,
It can help sleep. At work, reach for coffee or tea, they have been accustomed to the cup.
For most white-collar workers, cups indispensable, as the situation changes in the cup filler is changing. 
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 But the face of an array of glass, enamel cups, ceramic cups, plastic cups, stainless steel cups, cup iron, aluminum cups, paper cups,
We tend to not start or can not be elected to a healthy cup. At the mall to buy a glass of water when various glass will break into our line of sight,
Especially the bright colors, the shape of the cup is more eye-catching, picks pick dazzled opinions.
 Some experts advise should be preferred while drinking glasses. Do not think that glass is transparent good-looking, in all material cup,
But most glass health. Glass does not contain organic chemicals, when people drink water or other drinks with a glass when,
Do not worry about chemical substances will be drink into the stomach, and the glass surface is smooth, easy to clean, so people use glass water is the healthiest, most secure.
In addition, experts also advocate the use of ceramic cups, because the enamel cup is the result of thousands of degrees Celsius temperature made of sugar, does not contain harmful substances such as lead,
Safe to use.
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