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Glass tableware shopping skills

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Glass tableware shopping skills

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Advantages of easy to clean, clean, glass tableware, Cookware, a growing number of consumers of all ages, and more restaurants are gradually in favor of glass tableware. Especially in the present, sweltering summer, glass tableware is due to bring more Visual sense of cool and popular. How to choose safe and reliable glass tableware, Cookware? Small series to introduce the following: industry experts advise, buy crystal glass tableware to watch. Because Crystal lead content of up to 20%-30%, used it to hold water, generally not cause lead poisoning, but if used as a cup of wine, cocktail party dissolution of lead in Crystal glass, longer dissolve more. Similarly, when you use the Crystal glass containers for storage of food, especially Cola, honey, juice, acidic foods, lead ion is also easy to form soluble lead salts with drinks or food intake by the body, serious health hazards.   

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Therefore, crystal glass products are what scientists call "beauty killer". Experts recommend, buy crystal glass tableware can sound, feel and appearance of ordinary glass, lead crystal glass, lead free crystal glass ... Ordinary glass luster dimmed, refractive error, rough, feel bad, even some places bubbles, tap the sound dull. Crystal glass common glass products bright, refractive index, and exquisite workmanship, feel good, look like a Crystal made of crisp-tapping metal sound.    

Glass tableware
Leaded Crystal glassware compared with the lead-free Crystal glassware, slightly thick. In addition, ordinary glass tableware is not entirely reliable, long-term flooding of a particular environment, it will have a "musty" phenomenon. This is because the prolonged water erosion on the glass, the glass in the sodium silicate and carbon dioxide in the air will generate white carbonate Crystal, the Crystal damage to human health. Remove these carbonate crystallization method uses an alkaline detergent. While ordinary glass may also contain trace amounts of lead, but under normal conditions of use will not be harmful to health. If you do not rest assured that before using for the first time an ordinary glass tableware soaking them in vinegar water can make lead precipitation. Hold acidic drinks or food, it is best to use ordinary glass, leaded glass should be avoided as far as possible.

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