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Glass engraving machine performance characteristics

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Glass engraving machine performance characteristics

RuixinGlass, Glass engraving machine performance characteristics

Let's start with a detailed introduction to the glass engraving machine:

The glass engraving machine work program is composed of three parts:

1. Graphic input part: It is a figure file that can be recognized by the computer through the processing of the engraving software and the graphic ready to be sculpted in order to control the automatic working of the processing machine.
2. Data processing part: The computer uses the computer to further process the graphic files processed by the engraving software into electronic signals that can control the processing machine actions.
3, the automatic control part of the processing process: the implementation of computer instructions to complete the graphic engraving processing. Throughout the processing process, the operator is only responsible for the input of the processing data, the up and down of the workpiece and the monitoring of the machining process, and the other work is done automatically by the equipment.

RuixinGlass,Glass engraving machine performance characteristics


Glass engraving machine performance characteristics:

a. The gantry is strong and the structure of the bed is reasonable. The table moves steadily during machining, the inertia is small, the processing speed is fast, and the precision is high.
b. High-performance subdivision drive circuit can work stably for a long time.
c. Imported high precision ball screw drive.
d. With high speed DC spindle motor.
e. Automatic cooling water system.
f. Glass carving special tools.

The use of glass engraving machine: 

adapt to a variety of flat glass, marble and other hard materials on the single-line body, milling bottom, 3D, relief and other carving process operations. Get structured, clear graphics and text. Applicable to all kinds of glass, lens processing industry and craftwork operations.

RuixinGlass,Glass engraving machine performance characteristics

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