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Custom Made Champagne Glasses At RuixinGlass

Custom Made Champagne Glasses At RuixinGlass,We are professional custom Champagne Cup, so far we are engaged in the glassware customization has 10 years of experience, this so many years we have customized hundreds of champagne and Champagne Cup size of different shapes of samples filled with our sample room, we have a professional design according to your needs you need a cup of champagne, of course you can also provide drawings to us, we help you put a glass of champagne glasses is produced, we have our own factory is a manufacturer, to provide different processing services such as: decals, sand, screen printing, color spraying, painting, plating etc. in terms of price, we will have a lot of advantages that can give you a satisfactory price, at the same time in Shenzhen, we also set up its own sales department and many shipping companies have close cooperation It can quickly transport the goods you need to your country

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