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Cocktail Glass,Martini Glass Categories | RuixinGlass

Cocktail Glass,Martini Glass  Categories | RuixinGlass

Most cocktails need to be treated with ice or ice, so cocktails are used to include goblets, such as champagne cups (flute and tulip flower), light saucer cups; there are flat cups, such as old-fashioned cups, golf cups. Cocktail glass, the bottom has a slender handle, the top is about a triangle or trapezium, short drink cocktail for a glass. Today Xiaobian list of several types of cocktails were shared with you!

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Cocktail glass
Cocktail glass: also known as dish-shaped cocktail glass, is a round high-footed cup. The standard capacity is 90ml.

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Cocktail glass: capacity of 120-150ml large cocktail for high-footed cups.
Colin straight cup was a large cup cup cup, alias high cup. Often used for drinking long drink.

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Tampere Cup: Tampere Cup was intimate as "small glass", the size of a variety of, mostly for drinking long drink.

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