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China glass bottles and jars manufacturers & exporters|RuixinGlass

2017-04-10 10:17:42

China glass bottles and jars manufacturers & exporters|RuixinGlass


Shenzhen Ruixin Glass Products Co., Ltd. was established in 2005, is engaged in a glassware manufacturing, design, processing of specialized companies, which has 9 years of export experience and more than 20 professional sales team. At present products are exported to the United States, Canada, Germany, Britain, France, Finland, Australia, Denmark and other developed countries in Europe and America. Customers involved in different industries, including gifts, home market, wine market, cutlery wholesalers, candlestick manufacturers, sports brands, Disney, large stores and so on.

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The company has always been implementing the "adhere to the quality first, to meet the needs of users" for the quality, adhering to the "unity, work hard, courteous humility, thanks to gratitude," the spirit of enterprise, through the concept of quality products and glass products to understand, Credit Suisse created a Fife's performance, but also did not understand the quality of the top there is no vast international market. In order to allow the company to further development by leaps and bounds, in March 2014 to set up Weiheng Technology Co., Ltd. as a rear production base. The company intends to invest 20 million yuan, the total investment in three phases. One of the investment of about 600 million yuan, according to the entire plant drawings planning, the modernization of the entire plant, decoration, equipped with a low-temperature oven, a custom high-temperature oven, automatic water packaging line, automatic painting production Line of two, high-end dust-free sandblasting machine five, carved machine 10, five hand-painting equipment, high-end UV-speed automatic line and other major equipment, in October 2014 have been completed; two plans to invest 4 million yuan, Has started in March 2015, will now plan the electroplating workshop for a new planning renovation, while adding high-end ion plating equipment, ultrasonic pure water washing cup equipment, automatic dust-free spraying equipment, etc., is expected to be completed in June , Is expected to total annual output value of more than 30 million; three plans to invest 10 million yuan, started in 2016, to build a 3,000 square meters of factory buildings, mainly for foreign high-end candlestick factory, for higher quality plating and laser engraving and a series of Processing, and automated dust-free spraying equipment, all completed in 2017.

Shenzhen Ruixin Glass Products Co., Ltd. strives to grasp the international development trend, the quality of the soul as the development of enterprises, innovation as the cornerstone of enterprise development, the culture as the soul of enterprise development, thick and thin hair bigger and stronger China 's glass processing of the benchmarking enterprises.
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The company's products include glass jars, goblets, cups, sparks, whiskey cups, vats, vases, fruit plates, kettles, candlesticks, soaps and other types of artificial, mechanical products, and baking flowers, painting, Carved, and so on after processing. Products are passed SGS, FDA, BV and LFGB test, in the use of fully able to ensure safety and practicality. The factory has passed SEDEX audits and has received the approval of most European customers. The audits from the human rights, staff welfare, production quality processes have strict standards, and our good factory inspection results, no doubt assured the letter in the glass deep processing of the leading enterprises in the status of the glass.
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We are committed to: first-class quality, quality service, active cooperation, in exchange for your trust, and jointly build our bright future.