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Celebrate the successful completion of the Ruixin Glass Performance Awards

The success of the company on Saturday successfully held the last month's performance recognition commendation meeting, the company's main leadership issued this table on the performance of the original intention of PK, affirmed the importance of this event, in this A round of the game Ivan as the company's new staff in one fell swoop won the event's new award, compared to some veteran clerk is not inferior, and far catch up with the company's other new employees,

And salesman Hong Li won the game's highest order quantity award and the best team award, as the company's old employee Hong Li is the most hardworking of all the clerk, the face of customer consultation no matter how late Will reply, as long as the weekend break as long as the customer can feel the company for customers to query the information sent samples,

Lisa into the company is not about a year or so, but she did something very seriously, often because of customer advice and run the company overtime to help customers solve the problem as soon as possible, and this performance PK race it Then get the highest amount of orders,

RuixinGlass because of you, we are more exciting and better, and we face the customer to make a commitment: with first-class quality, quality service, positive cooperation, in exchange for your trust, together to create our bright future.

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