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Decorative craft

We have a wide variety of decorative glass technology, so you can easily have the best choice.

RuixinGlass almost mastered all processes from manual and automatic screen printing to a variety of color printing, as well as platinum, gold and other pigment printing. In addition, we also have a variety of decorative combinations. Embossed glass and multi-color UV ink technology is the most popular decoration technology.

Decorative craft

Using top-quality 6-colour silk-screen lines,we can rationally manufacture even complex decors. Suitable for logos and promotional decors.

Brand logos can be very tastefully applied to glass bottoms using transfers or special printing methods .

Thermos are decorative glazes that change shades depending on how they are filled (hot or cold). This can result in some truly ?enchanting? effects.

Along with effervescence points and logos, elaborate objects and illustrations can also be lasered in three-dimensional format into the bottom of a glass. Brand communication doesn’t get much more significant than this.

By treating the glass in acidic immersion baths, the surface of the glass becomes slightly rough. A frosting effect is created that makes decors appear more velvety.

Transfers are only used today for complicated decors and/or glass shapes. The motifs are transferred manually to the glass and then fired onto it.

Glass decoration with valuable precious metals can ornament a company logo or the rim. Glazes with a proportion of genuine precious metals are used for this process.

Astonishing effects can be achieved using multiple printing and coating of the outside of the glass.

Nucleation and simplified brand logos can be lasered into the glass.

If desired lead-free colours can be used. In California, for example, they are obligatory.

Modern sandblasting technology creates an interesting interplay of frosted and transparent decor elements.

Relief printing is the cost-effective alternative to relief glassware. It is a way to achieve decors that appear in relief and are tangibly intriguing to the observer yet even possible in small production runs.

A coating is a plastic coat in which organic glazes are sprayed directly onto the glass and than printed over in up to several colors.

Metallic decors are impressive due to their strongly metallic effect. They are available in a variety of metallic looks.

Much like a colouring book, a matt white surface and the outlines of a motif are printed onto the glass. Standard crayons can be used to colour the motif.

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