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Do you know how to clean the goblet?

Thinkxing RuixinGlass 2018-07-04 14:43:02
Do you know how to clean the goblet?

Red wines are known to taste good, but you can't just drink them, you have to keep them clean.

It is said that if you want to do good work, you must first use your tools.

Do you know how to clean the goblet?

A: Here's how to clean a goblet:

Generally speaking, dry red goblet tummy is larger, conducive to the release of wine fragrance, while sweet white, expensive decaying wine generally use a small goblet tummy goblet to hold aroma and maintain low temperature.

But no matter what kind of goblet, if not clean, will affect the taste of the wine.
Therefore, it is best to wash after drinking as soon as possible.
Do you know how to clean the goblet?

1. Clean ordinary glass goblets

If you have enough time, you can use the above method to clean ordinary goblets, especially ones with short hard handles.
If you're lazy, it's good to use the dishwasher.

Do you know how to clean the goblet?
If there is no dirt in the goblet, it can be washed directly with clean water.

2. How to clean the goblet made of crystal

Crystal goblets are fragile and should be washed by hand instead of in the dishwasher.

1) if the glass is not covered with much oil, it is best to use less detergent

2) rinse the cup with warm water, but don't use hot water

3) choose cloth or sponge for cleaning to avoid crushing glass with too much force

4) hold the tummy carefully and put it in a sponge to clean

5) hold the cup with one hand and wash the inner wall with one hand

6) hold the cup with one hand and clean the outside with one hand

7) gently wipe the cup column and bottom
Do you know how to clean the goblet?

Crystal goblets are more permeable than regular goblets, so they tend to leave wine stains or odors.

Small make up tell everybody a small skill, might as well use baking soda or vinegar to wash at this time, the effect is good.

B. How should I store the goblet when it is clean:
Do you know how to clean the goblet?

1) hang the goblet upside down on the holder to avoid dust.

2) or place the top of the cup upright to avoid the stink and stink, and make sure there is enough space between each goblet to avoid the risk of breakage.

3) if possible, the goblet can also be stored in the wine cabinet with the holder, rather than in the box to avoid being contaminated with mildew.
The cup holder can separate the goblet, reduce the risk of breakage, high safety, especially for fragile crystal cups.

4) keep the goblet on the holder, rotate the goblet regularly to extend the life of the goblet.

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