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Common sense of the use of glass

With the economic development, people's living standards are improving, the pursuit of quality of life is also getting higher and higher, happy to drink will be formed is a quality of life performance trends. Then the table, the kitchen cup and saucer, the glass will appear more in front of us. These utensils used after the clean, for health considerations are not difficult to do, but you have not thought, in addition to hygiene and cleanliness, their cleanliness also directly affect the taste of the drink, taste, in fact, wipe the glassware Is a science. 
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Depending on the type of drink the glass is not the same. Drinking wine with goblets, drinking beer with a straight type glass. First to drink red wine goblets, such cups stand on a slender feet, so called the goblet. But it can not only for the beautiful, red wine is very particular about a product word, the real taste of its original flavor of the first requirements of a certain temperature, and this is only the purpose of high-foot taster will be the temperature of the palm of the hand with the wine Cup bottom separated, so as not to affect the temperature of red wine. In addition, the washing of the cup in different ways, the same kind of wine will taste different products. In order to float the smell, revealing the color, washed away with grease after the use of coarse linen. At the same time, due to the special appearance, but also very careful to take in hand, too much force is often broken from the high-sigh. Wash the time is quite tricks, first goblets (usually not one or two), the code on the basin (barrel), add neutral detergent, into the warm water. The cup should be tipped and the sponge wiped off the grease. The order of the ball cup bottom, high-foot, cup holder, followed by gently wipe. There is no special requirements for water to warm water is appropriate, washed to dry with a dry cloth to dry, then if the hand holding cup holder, the other hand wipe the ball is very easy to break the high feet, should be careful. After wiping good mouth on the cupboard. 
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Besides beer mug, this cup of cleaning will directly affect the taste of beer, the key lies in the bubble. It gives people the cool feeling is obvious, but more important role is the same as the lid to protect the dissolved carbon dioxide into beer will not escape. At the same time, bitter and minerals are also foam as the carrier. Experience the taste and taste should try to keep the bubble for a long time, and to do this, we must first ensure that the glass wall can not have grease, run out with other dishes can not be put together with neutral detergent and Sponge block will be thoroughly stained with oil and lipstick. And then repeatedly washed rinse several times, and then naturally dry, do not wipe with a rag, even if the hot water washed cloth, the fiber also has grease residue. There are water droplets left on it can only let it dry naturally. When the wine can be judged when the glass was washed clean, there are bubbles hanging in the above seems very refreshing, in fact, together into a bubble will soon disappear, if washed very clean, hanging on top of the small bubbles is not easy to disappear , After drinking the inner wall will leave a circle of foam marks. 
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Finally, the cup material. Ordinary glass is sodium carbonate glass, high-end goods is crystal glass. When listening to the sound identification of the former who lowered the crisp. Wet season ordinary cup hanging water gas, if the surface is not gold-plated decoration can be used vinegar or lemon wipe, restore luster. Although the dishwasher has more and more into the family, porcelain, etc. are also safe to wash, but the best glass or hand wash. 
gold rimmed Whiskey glasses

Life everywhere learning, as long as the heart found that the use of glass will be a good knowledge.