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6-color wine glasses set. Gift box package6-color wine glasses set. Gift box package6-color wine glasses set. Gift box package

6-color wine glasses set. Gift box package

  • Place of Origin: China, Shanxi
  • Product Name: 6-color wine glasses set
  • Use: Home,party,bar,wedding,gift
  • Material: Soda lime glass
  • Capacity: 435ml
  • Technology: Machine made
  • Logo: Can customized logo
  • Package: Gift box packaging
  • MOQ: 2000 pcs



Place of Origin China, Shanxi 
Brand Name Ruixin Glass
Product name Wine glasses set with gift box package
Material Lead free crystal
Color Clear(Customizable)
MOQ 1000pcs
Sample 7 Working Days
Size: T7*B8*H22.7cm
Capacity: 435ml./14.5oz.
Weight: 174.5g
Size: T6.9*D8.3*H23.2cm
Capacity: 675ml./22.5oz.
Weight: 131.5g
Size: T5.8**D8.2*H24.3cm
Capacity: 485ml./16oz.
Weight: 108g
Size: T9.1*D8.7*H16.1cm
Capacity: 285ml./9.5oz.
Weight: 132g

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Other informations

  • Original design statement
    The styles and labels of the aromatherapy bottles shown in the pictures were originally designed by the members of Ruixin Glass' Business Department in March. They were then produced as samples in the factory and photographed in the office studio. Currently, all samples are stored in Ruixin Glass' sample room. We kindly request that other companies refrain from unauthorized use of these images.
  • About factory
  • With extensive experience and a dedicated team, Ruixin Glass specializes in customizing glass packaging for both emerging and established aromatherapy brands. We have strong connections with factories and all members of our Business Department have hands-on experience in the production process. We welcome inquiries and value your feedback.
  • About customization & ready-to-ship
  • As we primarily focus on customized products, we do not keep a large inventory of ready-made stock with various image styles. However, we maintain a small stock of samples to send to potential business partners who express cooperative intentions.
  • *Customizable items with minimum MOQ:
    1. Surface treatment options, such as spray (misted/smooth surface), electroplating, etc.
    2. Customization of brand labels.
    3. Silk screen logo customization.
    4. Lid customization.
    *Customizable items that require a higher order quantity:
    1. Shape customization.
    2. Thread specifications customization (for threaded bottles).Make new products according to your samples or designs.
  • About response time
  • Our dedicated Business Department team is committed to providing attentive service and prompt responses to your inquiries, regardless of your location or the time you send your message.



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