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where to buy jars with lids at China RuixinGlass

The advantages of glass packaging containers in the field of beverage packaging
Glass packaging materials and containers have many advantages:
where to buy jars with lids
          1, the glass material has a good barrier properties, can be very good to prevent the gas and other gases on the contents of the invasion, and can prevent the volatile components of the contents of the volatile to the atmosphere;
          2, glass bottles can be used repeatedly, can reduce the cost of packaging;
          3, the glass can be easier to change the color and transparency;
where to buy jars with lids
          4, glass bottle safety and health, good corrosion resistance and resistance to acid corrosion, suitable for acidic substances (such as fruit juice drinks, etc.) packaging;
          5, in addition, because the glass bottles for automatic production line production, the domestic glass bottle automatic filling technology and equipment development is more mature, the use of glass bottles of fruit and vegetable juice drinks in the country have a certain production advantages.
where to buy jars with lids

Our company has 15 years of experience in the production of glass jars, support the customization of different shapes and sizes of jars,
where to buy jars with lids at China RuixinGlass

So if you want to do your own colors just contact us.

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