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lost a glass, feeling fantastic

Fortunately, there you! In the "X-Men: Apocalypse", the fast silver is still the biggest highlight of the film. Especially in the destruction of the Institute of the explosive plot, fast silver staged a brilliant personal show "bullet time talent show", action handsome to all the students in the college rescued. Warm men physique highlights, with glass filled with water, bring goldfish on the hands of girls, and even a dog eating pizza are not missed 

Hand-painted glass cup

2. Lost a glass, quickly stretched out your feet, the glass hit your feet, did not fall on the floor fragmentation. Hey, you saved the floor tiles on the kitchen a thrilling chaos, although the toe knock a bit sore, but the pot is also intact, strong, inflated well-being arises spontaneously. Feels wonderful

3. To eat a glass of wheat meal Dayton, and up 2 pounds 

Hand-painted glass cup

Like a person, on the heart, like the bottom of the glass at the bottom of the honey group, fragrant, shiny, wronged, licking a memory, and my heart is not so bitter
5. The same is the glass and cherry, the difference is, change the time, as well as each other occasionally will miss the time before us

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